We are at war. And our men need to learn how to fight and how to win.


Its a battle ground out there and the enemy is advancing forward at full press. Men today occupy a world where ‘God’ is forced to take a back seat to political correctness, blurred morality and compromised truth. Men fight not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of darkness that each day aim and fire at the calling and responsibility God has placed on the heart of every man who fears Him. Each day victory seems to get harder as our world slips further.

We need new training to combat these new challenges. Our men need to be taught to be tougher, more resilient, more focused, more determined in the word of God, and more powerful in prayer to step into all God has required of them.  He must know how to lead himself, to lead his family, and to weld his influence with an eye on eternity. He must know his enemy, and how to beat him. He must know his mission, and how to use his resources wisely towards the completion of it.

As a nation under God, our men are woefully under equipped for the life God has called them. As a society, menaced by an ever growing worldly spirit, the need for this guidance is greater than ever. Study and practice of the principals explained and illustrated will help you and those dependant on you to thrive under God and move into all He has for your life.   

The enemy is always out to maim, kill and destroy, to undermine the fabric of our society by attacking the head. The Fearless Man when meeting such an enemy is forced to align himself under God to win the fight, and move forward all those he leads.

A man’s life under God is precious and carries a calling which structures our entire society. The attack on him is as constant as his potential power to lead. God calls us to life, and life abundantly. This life is a privilege, requiring constant effort, training and heart.

Our mandate is to see all men lead as God intended – To be fearless men of God.